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Note: You need to register for only one of the application and you can use the same credentials for all other applications.


Image Based Recsys

Recommendation system based on just the images of the products


Session Based Recsys

Recommendation system based the items visited by the user in a single session


Churn Modeling and Recommender System

The relationship manager connects with the predicted dormant clients with the recommendation on stocks and Mutual Funds real time on the existing Apps and devices.

BFSI / Insurance

Car Damage Detection

Building machine learning models to identify and extract car damage using instance segmentation


Diabetic Retinopathy

AI based application to automate diabetic retinopathy detection process.


ICD Coding Application

Assigns ICD codes automatically using discharge summary as input.


Tuberculosis Prediction

We determine if a person has TB based on chest X-ray and also show the affected area using heatmap.


Prescription App and chatbot

Creates a prescription using doctor's voice automatically and our chatbot also interacts with the patient using FB messenger


Mobile Transaction Fraud Detection

Detects the fraud cases on financial services and specially in the emerging mobile money transactions domain.


Caption Generation For E-commerce

It generates the caption for products automatically which can be used by e-commerce websites.



ThaiOCR extracts text from thai images and get data in structured format.


Discharge Summary App

Generating Patient Discharge Summary from Electronic Health Records using NLP.

BFSI / other

Auto Number Plate Recognition

It takes Image as input, detects numberplate from the image and recognizes vehicle registration number from number plate.

Insurance / retail / bfsi

Insurance Claim Fraud Detection

It predicts the cases of auto insurance frauds, and highlights the categories of important features that each case belongs to.

bfsi / Other

Electricity Load Forecasting

Forecasting electricity consumption using historical data of consumption, temperature and day(working day or holiday).

bfsi / Insurance

Distracted Driver Detection

It takes driver image as input and show if the driver is distracted or not. The application also predicts the type of distraction. For example, if the driver is working on the phone or radio etc.

retail / Others

Planar Surface Material Classification

Trained with a deep learning model,this application will classify planar material surface image into material types

retail / bfsi / healthcare / Others

Machine learning on encrypted data

Performing predictions on encrypted data using a model previously trained on actual data.


Automated Cheque Reading

It is an application designed to recognize information present in date and amount fields in the bank cheque.


Loan delinquency Prediction

Delinquency prediction app helps to figure out loan defaulters based on financial data related to the loan and the customer.


Video - Object Detection

Object detection from video using convolutional neural network.


Video - Object Indexing

Indexing videos using objects.